BIOEX is a leading firefighting foam manufacturer. BIOEX has a long experience in fluorine-free foams (FFF).

In 2002, BIOEX launched the first class A/B fluorine free foam on the market: ECOPOL.

BIOEX offers now a wide range of highly performant FFF and traditional AFFF and AR-AFFF foams. They comply and are certified under international standards such as LASTFIRE, EN, IMO, ICAO, UL…

Since the beginning, BIOEX has developed a large understanding of fire risks in the oil & gas, chemical, waste treatment industries, airports, ships and in fire departments. BIOEX foams are applicable in low, medium and high expansion and are compatible with most of foam equipment available on the market. The company has its own lab to research new formulations, analyze foam samples and perform fire tests.

BIOEX offers a 24/7 emergency service in case of urgent need of foam concentrate and worldwide stock locations. Many international companies and fire departments are confident using BIOEX foams for their fire protection.

Exhibitor Address & Contacts


5 chemin de Clape Loup, 69280 Sainte-Consorce, France


45.769049703519, 4.701976776123


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