A tested and certified vehicle fire suppression system combined with a reliable fire detection system is the best first line of defense in an emergency such as a thermal incident.

Over the years, Dafo Vehicle has obtained vast experience and knowledge from our end-user installations. As a result, Dafo Vehicle can proudly present several different state-of-the-art reliable solutions for buses, coaches and heavy vehicles in general without vulnerable and pressurized agent tanks.

For specific risks related to batteries, Dafo Vehicle has developed the Li-IonFire™ fire protection system. The system will detect potential battery failure at the earliest possible stage and take immediate action by cooling, using the suppression agent Forrex EV™. The agent will effectively stop, or delay, a potentially hazardous situation without the fire developing further.

Limited maintenance and superior system reliability of a Dafo Vehicle system contribute to a high vehicle uptime and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) which is essential for the profitability of vehicle operators.

Dafo has been in business for over 100 years and has always been in the front line of technology. The overall objective is to work with continuous improvements, research, and development, to make our systems more reliable, sustainable, and innovative.

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