DSPA.nl is a leading manufacturer of highly innovative aerosol fire suppression systems. Being a preferred Halon and gas substitute, our products are used worldwide by governments, oil & gas, energy and various industries.

Unlike other extinguishing agents, DSPA condensed aerosol fire suppression technology interferes in the chain-reaction of the fire, leaving oxygen levels intact. DSPA aerosol generators consist of a solid aerosol forming compound in a non-pressurized unit which aerosolizes finely divided solid particles, behaving like a gas.

Active for over 25 years in the industry, our customers around the world trust our systems for numerous reasons.

Quick and easy installation into any environment, there is no need for expensive piping nor tank storage. DSPA’s extinguishing agent is more effective than any other suppression medium. Our non-pressurized aerosol generators are 15 years maintenance free. Aerosol is friendly for the environment, not harmful to humans or animals. DSPA is certified according to all relevant international standards.

DSPA.nl strives to provide exceptional value to our customers with an intense focus on quality, reliability, service and innovative product development. With our headquarters located in the Netherlands, our valued partners are able to sell, install and maintain our products and systems all over the world.

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Hulzenseweg, 20 Nijmegen, Gelderland, 6534 AN


51.8171325, 5.8212248


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