Pioneering hydraulic products have been manufactured in Erlangen, Germany since the late 1940s. In 1972, LUKAS was the first hydraulics company that develops a cutter for rescue operations. This laid the foundation for an entire industry. We set the new innovative trends with precision and passion in our in-house production “Made in Germany“.

Milestones such as battery-powered rescue tools, our eDRAULIC series, special blade geometries for faster rescue operations and liquid-protected rescue tools such as our eWXTs are known everywhere in our industry. With LUKAS rescue products, you can master any rescue scenario with high-quality equipment, always at the cutting edge of technology and easy to handle. We want to maintain this demand in the future as well. With the new e³ generation “Power under e³ Control”, the exchange of information between rescuer and equipment is no longer a vision. On our new dashboard with performance-diagnostic icons on the display, the rescuer can check the general condition of his rescue equipment and improve his rescue operation. Rescue operations become more effective, smarter and more powerful!

All for a common mission: Save time. Saving lives.

Exhibitor Address & Contacts


Erlangen, Germany, 91058


49.553252219713, 11.005039215088


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