MTech Fire Detection Systems – Innovative Fire Detection & Fire safety solutions

MTech was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of MG-Matael Group. MTech Fire Detection Systems was established to address a growing need for suitable innovative fire-safety and smoke-detection solutions, fitting the requirements of UL international markets with quality that meets the most rigorous fire-safety standards.

We focus on development & manufacturing with global sales and service of best-in-class products using UL 864 10th edition signaling listed.

MTech’s strategy is to be the first to release advanced products and systems implementing cutting-edge technologies, which meets the latest UL, NFPA, SII & TR EAEU standards.

We provide a full range of fire-safety products and systems, covering a widespread of industries, which includes; analog addressable & conventional, gas & water extinguishing, smoke management, emergency evacuation and our latest release is S-BMS, a first-of-its-kind safety building management software, controlled with a fully visualized interface, from a single building to an entire city.

MTech takes pride in being an authorized partner with world leading fire-safety brands i.e., Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd (Halma Group) & Eaton Corporation PLC (owner of former Cooper Fire Safety Systems).

Today, our products protect lives across the globe!

Exhibitor Address & Contacts


Hashita, 1, D.N. Hamovil Kibbutz Hasolelim, Israel, 1790500


32.75746880403, 35.220537185669


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