Founded in 1968 with the sole purpose of protecting racing cars from fire, two engineers created the first Reacton Fire Suppression system using what is known as “burst tube” technology.

Reacton Fire Suppression systems are automatic and offer 24/7 protection for your critical assets, including: buses, heavy plant equipment, electrical equipment and residential kitchens. Our A+ graded systems automatically detect and knock down a fire within a matter of seconds – before it has an opportunity to take hold.

Reacton are proud to be recognised by Made in Britain, our high-quality parts and equipment are designed and produced in the UK. As global leaders, we distribute our fire suppression systems around the world, we hold a plethora of globally recognised accreditations.

We have been present at the Intersec Dubai showcase on two previous occasions, exhibiting our products and expertise in automatic fire suppression. This year, we hope to continue with educating people and businesses about the importance of effective automatic fire suppression.

Exhibitor Address & Contacts


14 Baynes Place Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 2QX, UK


51.73046495, 0.45780008888993

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