Anyone with an interest in firefighter protection should visit the TEXPORT® stand at Intersec where the company will showcase its full range of high-performance protective clothing solutions.

As a premium manufacturer of high-performance protective gear for firefighters operating in extreme conditions, TEXPORT® combines ergonomics, innovative design and high-quality fabrics to manufacture garments that set new standards in comfort and protection.

The company’s range of fire suits and rescue coveralls are designed to meet the specific and evolving needs of modern firefighting. All products are manufactured in house at TEXPORT®’s own factories ensuring consistent control of quality throughout the process.

TEXPORT®’s specialist experts have developed breakthrough patented design features that enhance ergonomics, increasing freedom of movement and reducing the risk of heat stress, while at the same time improving protection and comfort for the wearer. Groundbreaking innovations give added protection for common risk areas such as shoulders, wrists and joints and ensure that all TEXPORT® garments will perform consistently throughout their entire operational lifetime.

More and more fire and rescue services across Europe, South America, China and the Far East are choosing TEXPORT® to protect their firefighters because the company’s products consistently outperform the competition in ergonomic tests and wearer trials.


Exhibitor Address & Contacts


Franz Sauer Straße 30 Salzburg, 5020, Austria


47.833180429934, 13.000473976135


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